The Reason Why You Are Not Losing Weight

Have you been trying to lose weight over and over and failed miserably each time? Maybe you managed to lose 4 pounds in 2 weeks only to gain them back in the third week? Don’t worry, this has happened to me personally and that is why I can relate. Let me share with you the reason why you are not losing weight as I have discovered from my own experience.

As I share in my first book ‘My 18 Year Weight-loss Journey‘, I struggled to lose weight for 18 years. I’d lose a few pounds here and there only to gain them back faster than I had lost them. I remember asking myself “What am I doing wrong?” or “I did so well the last 2 weeks, I lost 3 pounds, why didn’t the weight-loss continue?”

Then finally, after I started my final weight-loss journey, I discovered something about myself…. I discovered why I wasn’t losing weight each week and why I wasn’t reaching my goal weight. Here is the reason why you are not losing weight…..


Losing Focus….

Yes, it’s as simple as that…. losing focus is one of the biggest reasons why you are not losing weight. It happened to me, that is how I discovered why my weight-loss attempts always failed. I often found myself making the decision to do something about my weight. So many times I started eating healthier for example, or eating less.

I’d focus and work hard for a week or 2 and somewhere along the way the focus would be lost. When it was time to weigh myself once a week, I did not like the results. A simple thing such as ‘losing focus’ on your goal, or on your ‘why’ can have such a negative effect on your efforts to lose weight.


So How Can You Make Sure You Stay Focused?

There are a few things that have helped me to stay focused on my final weight-loss journey. Because I implemented these things into my daily life, it has helped me to lose 77 pounds within 15 months. This took hard work, daily action, determination and patience. Healthy weight-loss does not happen overnight!

In today’s post I will mention 2 things that helped me stay focused everyday on my weight-loss journey….

1. My Why

As I share in my book, one of the most important things I had to take very seriously and re-visit almost every day was my ‘why’. I had never thought about this during all those years struggling with my weight.

I had finally realized that I needed a strong ‘why’ behind my reason to lose weight. It wasn’t enough to lose weight just to look good or buy pretty clothes. Those 2 reasons never helped me focus long-term anyway.

I needed a much deeper ‘why’ than that…. I started soul-searching, I started to really think what hurt most when I was carrying all that heavy weight on me. I finally understood that it wasn’t because I didn’t look good, it wasn’t because I was shopping for clothes at Plus Size stores. It was deeper than that. Much deeper.

The more my ‘why’ hurt, the more determined and focused I became. I wrote down my why in my book so that I will always have a reminder should I lose my way again. Try it, start writing down your own ‘why’ and focus on it daily, read it daily. When writing your ‘why’, start by answering questions such as:

Why is it important for me to lose all the extra weight?

How will it feel once I will be at my goal weight?

On a scale of 1-10, how much better will I sleep at night?

How much more will I be able to do for my family or with my family if I wasn’t carrying all this weight?

How much better will the results of my blood test results look after all this excess weight has gone?

On a scale of 1-10, how much less will my joint or back pain be, once I have lost all this excess weight?

On a scale of 1-10, how much more confident will I feel when I am out in public?

How happy would I feel knowing I am a good influence on my loved ones and family by putting my health first?

Answering these questions will help you come up with a pretty good ‘why’. This ‘why’ will help you stay focused when you finally decide to start your new healthy lifestyle towards reaching your weight-loss goal. This ‘why will help you especially on days when you find it hard to exercise at east 30 min per day or make healthy choices in food. Let’s move on to the next thing that will help you stay FOCUSED!


2. Record Everything You Eat & Drink in Food Tracker

I can’t stress enough how important this step is! When I started recording everything in a food tracker, it opened my eyes so much. It taught me so much about myself. Some days I was ashamed of how much I would eat or at my poor food choices.

This alone made me think about how little regard and respect I had for my body. I was unconsciously making myself sick, digging my own grave slowly.

I share more about this in my book and how my very poor health and pain led me to finally turn my life around before it was too late…

I dare you to start tracking everything you eat and drink starting tomorrow morning! Search on the internet for a food tracker, install it on your phone and start using it. I personally use MyFitnessPal, it is what I first started using back in 2014 and I still use it to this day.

On MyFitnessPal, I can track my daily exercise, my water, snacks, meals and drinks. They also have a good blog as well with recipes and weight-loss tips which can help motivate you. You can lose your first 2 pounds in a week by simply starting to track your food and going for a 30-min walk each day, 5 days a week. Make sure to set your daily calorie limit to 1,400 and do not exceed 1,400 calories per day. This is pretty doable especially if you drink 2 litres of water per day.

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I can almost guarantee that by doing this, you will get rid of 1-2 pounds in your first week. We are all different, everyone’s body works different, that is why I cannot say I 100% guarantee 1-2 pounds of weight-loss in one week. In most cases, it is very doable. Just try it! Later, you can try the other strategy I mention in my book, which has helped me to jump-start my metabolism once my weight-loss has stalled (after losing 20kg). I lost a further 15kg after I had jump-started my metabolism.

You Can Do This!

If there is one thing you can take from this post today, it is to start focusing. The 2 things I have mentioned that will help you do that are:

1. Know your ‘why’

2. Record everything you eat and drink in a food tracker app.

If you start doing just these 2 simple things, you will start seeing results in your weight-loss efforts. These 2 steps along with a few other simple steps in my weight-loss strategy are what helped me to lose 35kg (77 pounds) within 15 months.

I was told by my doctor that if I don’t so something fast about my weight, Type II Diabetes is what I had to look forward to for the rest of my life. Notice that I never even mentioned the word ‘Dieting’? That is because I hate that word and if you read my book I will mention many times why I hate diets or dieting, why it has never worked for me.

This alone was part of my ‘why’ as well as my family that I had to look after. I had to set a good example for my children in my everyday life choices. That is why I decided to change my lifestyle, make healthy choices daily so that they could see the change in me and start making healthy choices for themselves.

Soon after I had reached my goal I wrote my second book: My Natural Weight-loss Recipe. In this book I share a list of ingredients which were the base of my weight-loss. This simple list of ingredients, if followed and implemented, will help you lose weight naturally and keep it off. I followed this list throughout my final journey to reach my goal.

Just like in my first book, I also share a bit about my childhood because my childhood experiences will help you understand why I love food so much, and why food has always been my comfort when I am lonely, sad, depressed. Once you get to know me through my 2 books, you will soon understand why my struggle with obesity was so long, you will understand why I had such a close relationship with food. You will also learn how I broke that relationship with food and conquered this 18 year battle.

My message for you today is; Never never never ever give up, you can do this! I am here for you to motivate, help and inspire you through my 2 books as well as through this blog were I regularly write tips from my own life experience. You can contact me anytime by using the contact me form here or by messaging me on Facebook.

Please be safe, take care of yourself and I hope to hear from you soon!

PS. Please share this post with anyone you know is struggling with weight-loss or needs tips and encouragement in their journey to better health & weight-loss. Thank you so much for your time.

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4 Comments on “The Reason Why You Are Not Losing Weight

  1. Hi, this is a very timely read as I have been trying to lose a few pounds over the past week. I tend to have what I call a “weight Window” where I feel ok, when I go outside of this and feel uncomfortable it usually spurs me on to lose weight, but never really to the extent I would like – usually because I lose focus. I found your article really helpful and will take a close look at the ‘why’ to see if I get better results. Dan

    1. Hi Dan, I am very happy that you have enjoyed my post and it has reached you at just the right time. If you have questions or need any help, don’t hesitate to contact me 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing such an informative post! Most of us have a hard time trying to lose weight and I myself is suffering from that as well. Remembering my why is hard to come by when all the temptation is just staring at me. I agree, the name of the game is to stick to the healthier lifestyle and take it from there without giving up. I will be sure to keep you in mind. 

    1. Hi,, you are very welcome and I am happy i have helped in some way 🙂 If you ever have questions or need help please contact me anytime x

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