How To Heal Leaky Gut Naturally

Today I will try to explain Leaky Gut Syndrome, what it means, what causes leaky Gut and how to heal leaky gut naturally. It is important to understand all this so that you can start healing your gut early before it starts causing more serious damage to your body, such as autoimmune diseases. I am […]

You Can Lose Weight Without Dieting

Β  Hey there πŸ™‚ Today I will be sharing with you a few ways I have used myself to lose weight without dieting. I personally struggled with obesity for 18 years. I would often say to myself: You can lose weight without dieting, just come up with ways to do so and take action daily! […]

Do I Need To Exercise To Lose Weight?

Hey everyone, today I will be sharing my thoughts on exercising and losing weight. I will explain why exercise doesn’t always help you to lose weight, in fact, it can even cause weight gain! So the question remains: Do I need to exercise to lose weight? Let’s continue on πŸ™‚ My personal experience with exercise […]

About Me

Hi everyone and welcome to my Weight-loss Journey Tips website. Weight-loss has been my personal struggle for 18 years and I have finally developed a simple strategy to lose weight naturally while still enjoying my favorite food and without dieting or meal plans. My Story I have started struggling with weight since I was pregnant […]


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