Best Natural Metabolism Booster – The Key to Natural Weight-loss

best natural metabolism booster

Hi everyone 🙂

When it comes to weight-loss, we all want to lose the weight naturally right? The next thing we think of is our Metabolism since it’s responsible for helping us burn fat or hindering our weight-loss efforts. So then we ask ourselves….what would be the best natural metabolism booster? If only we could find a powerful natural metabolism booster, it would really speed up our weight-loss right? So today I will be writing about some natural metabolism boosters that help speed up weight-loss so that we can start seeing results and reaching our weight goal.

What is our Metabolism and how does it work?

Understanding metabolism can be a complex thing, even I struggle with it sometimes. Why do some people have fast metabolisms? Why do others have a slow metabolism? Can we speed up our metabolism? How many times did I have a meal with someone that ate exactly the same food as me, even more than me and that person is skinny as a stick while I was struggling with obesity and weight-loss.

The metabolism is a metabolic process that takes place in our body. It turns the food we eat into energy and makes sure that energy is used, burned, and not stored. This is how I understand it. Certain different factors affect how fast or how slow your metabolism is. Such as:

  1. Age – As you age, you lose muscle so your metabolism slows down.
  2. Body size – People with larger body size/muscle mass will burn more kilojules.
  3. Gender – Men generally burn more kilojules because they have more muscle mass.
  4. Hormones – In women especially, the hormones can affect the metabolism especially after 40. If you have thyroid issues, that also affects the metabolism as well. It is a good idea to check your thyroid and hormones with your doctor and determine if that is affecting your metabolism.
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How can we help speed up our Metabolism naturally?

Well….one word… EXERCISE.

From my own personal experience and based on the results I have achieved, I would have to say that exercise has helped to speed up my metabolism and get things going. When I started my final weight-loss jorney I have made up my mind to start exercising daily. I know, you hate exercise, I did too! If someone even mentioned to me exercise, I would get so upset and think they are crazy. But when I started looking at exercise differently, I began to enjoy it and look forward to it. In fact if I missed a day without my usual exercise routine, I didn’t feel well.

I started to think of exercise differenlty. I didn’t exercise for weight-loss. I exercised to improve my mood, mental clarity, blood sugar, reduce cholesterol and improve the health of my heart. When you look at exercise this way, you will do it for your body not for weight-loss. You will notice how much healthier and happier you will feel and you will continue.

What exercise is best to speed up Metabolism?

This is very important because you want to pick an exercise that you enjoy and not one that you will hate and eventually give up. Also, if you are significantly overweight like I was, you want to start slow and build up to around 40 min a day very gradually.

I remember I started with 15 min of exercise daily. I would huff and puff at the end of 15 min as if I ran a marathon. I kept going for a week with 15 min and the following week I increased to 20 min for a week and so on until I was exercising 40 min per day. I was feeling so good! I couldn’t wait to exercise the next day 🙂 Don’t make the mistake of jumping straight into 40 min of exercise all at once. Your muscles will be very sore and the next day you will skip exercise. Then there is the danger that on the 3rd day you will quit altogether.

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So what kind of exercise is best? Well I started with walking on my treadmill. If you don’t have a treadmill you can walk outside around the block. I personally suggest a treadmill because it tracks how long you walk for, how many calories you are burning, you can increase the speed later on and even the incline, as if you would be walking up-hill. With a treadmill you have no excuse that it’s raining outside. Buying a treadmill was the best investment I have made. I also had stairs in my house so I started going up and down the stairs. I started with 10 min and built up each week with 5 min extra until I reached 25 min of exercise on the stairs. I would exercise 40 min on the treadmill and 25 min on the stairs each day of the week.

As you exercise you will start building muscle and strengthening your bones as well. What does muscle do? It helps to burn the fat around the muscle. It is scientifically proven that muscles burn fat. Yes, it weighs heavier than fat so when you first start exercising you may notice after a week, if you weigh yourself, that you have put on weight. Don’t panic, it is muscle and muscle weighs more than fat. As you continue exercising and eating healthy wholesome foods, the fat will gradually come off. As I share in my book, our body is not a robot. It works different each week. Some weeks you lose, some weeks you put on a few hundred grams, some weeks you just maintain. However, keep doing what you are doing and overall, the weight will fall off. It is how I lost 77 pounds within 15 months, not overnight. It takes time, patience, dedication and focus.

Do supplements help to speed up metabolism?

There are so many supplements these days promising how they speed up metabolism and burn fat. Is it true? Well they can contain ingredients and herbs that can help speed up metabolism but nothing will happen if you don’t do the work. Doing the work means exercising and making healthy food choices. No, it doesn’t mean you need to go on a fad diet and starve, it means you will need to swap unhealthy foods for healthier foods and keep the weekends for the foods you love and crave during the week. Also, on the weekend you will have to stay around 2,200 calories per day if you are female and 2,500 calories per day if you are male.

I have used many different metabolism boosting supplements throughout the years and have learned that they don’t help AT ALL if you just reply on the supplement and don’t exercise and are mindful of what and how much you eat. On the other hand, taking a good natural supplement along with exercising and healthy food choices, it will help speed up metabolism and give you that extra kick of energy.

I personally use Herbalife Herbal Beverage every morning. As soon as I wake up, I mix 1/2 tsp with a glass of water and drink it. It helps wake me up, energizes my body and mind and helps my body burn more calories during my morning exercise. It also has the added benefits of green tea which is very healthy for the body. I love the peach flavour but Herbalife Herbal Beverage is also available in the Cinnamon flavour as well as Original Flavour. Original flavour tastes more like green tea. Herbalife Herbal Beverage is formulated with natural flavours and only the Cinnamon and Peach flavour contain natural sweetener (Steviol Glycosides).


The other natural Metabolism Booster I use is Arbonne Energy Fiz Sticks. They are available in Citrus, Strawberry and Pomegranate flavours as well as limited edition flavours that are introduced from time to time, just check website regularly. When you click on my website, select your country in the list of countries in the top right-hand side of the website and then search ‘fizz sticks‘ in the search bar and it will give you all the available flavours. These replace the usual coffee which we often turn to for more energy, especially in the afternoon when we feel like we want to laze around on the couch, watch TV and eat unhealthy snacks. I don’t use the whole sachet as the packet suggests. I use half a sachet (1 level tsp) in 800 ml of water and I usually mix it around 12pm and sip on it during the afternoon.

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What are the benefits of drinking the Arbonne Energy Fizz sticks? It temporarily helps to support and maintain energy with botanicals like Ginseng, B Vitamins, CoQ10, and Chromium. Contains naturally derived caffeine from Guarana and Green Tea to increase physical endurance, cognitive performance and wakefulness.

It helps me be more productive during the day as well as helping me to stay focused on my goals, my ‘why’ and what I need to accomplish. I feel how it just clears my mind and drives away the fogginess. Personally, I love it. I would not recommend something that doesn’t help me and make a difference in my life.

So what can we do to speed up our metabolism and start seeing results?

In short, I found that regular exercise, healthy food choices, water, 8 hours of sleep per night are the best way to speed up the metabolism. However, this is for healthy individuals and not for those that have thyroid and metabolism issues. If you are concerned, always see your doctor and ask to check your metabolism and your thyroid function. In fact that is what I did and would recommend to others as well. Once the tests come normal then you can help speed up your metabolism with starting a healthy exercise routine, 5 times a week, drinking 1.5-2 lt of water per day, making healthy food choices and adding natural energy boosters such as the ones I have mentioned above and use personally, OR any natural energy booster that you have found and love. It is up to you!

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Just stay away from the regular coffees loaded with milk and sugar as well as energy drinks such as ‘V’, “mother’ etc. These are loaded with sugar and have a very high content of caffeine. It forces your body to perform at a very high level and after it’s effects wears off you will feel lethargic, tired and worse than ever. Using these long term affects your adrenal glands. This in turn causes the adrenal glands to pump up excess cortisol (stress hormone) which in turn causes inflammation in the body and joint pain as well as other health issues. Very unhealthy and dangerous.

Thank you so much for reading and I wish you all the best! I am here if you have questions about this post, my books, or products I recommend. Use the Contact Me page ad I will reply to you as soon as I can 🙂

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6 Comments on “Best Natural Metabolism Booster – The Key to Natural Weight-loss

  1. Great article you have here and thank you for sharing such an informative article. Losing weight is something that has been a burden for sometime with different people from different parts of the world. And I think a combination of both exercise and Herbalife would produce better yields in people.

  2. I have been testing along the years what things work for me concerning increasing my metabolism. And I would like to share my little list. I hope it’s helpful.
    1. To eat sufficient protein at every meal. Eating food can rise our metabolism for a a small number of hours.
    2. Drink more cold water.
    3. Do a high-intensity workout.
    4. Lift heavy weights.
    5. Stand up more.
    6. Drink green tea or oolong tea.
    7. Consume spicy foods.
    8. Get a good night’s sleep.

    1. Hi Ann, thank you so much for sharing your little list. I agree with what you have mentioned in your comment but for myself, I cannot drink cold water, only room temperature. Cold water hurts my teeth and also my stomach. I also cannot do high intensity workouts because it stresses out my adrenal glands which then affects my thyroid. When the adrenal glands are stressed out, they produce more cortisol in the body which is the stress hormone. As a result of that, it causes high inflammation in the body which leads to joint pain and other issues. I also cannot consume spicy foods because it hurts the lining of my stomach, I get bad heartburn. I am sure there are so many people that cannot follow point 2, 3 and 7. But if you can then yes, it will help increase the metabolism. 

  3. Hi, thank you so much for this article, has really given me some insight into weight loss and how it is paired with our metabolism. My wife has always been struggling with a slow metabolism even though she does work out regularly, I will definitely pass on this information to her so that she may benefit. Keep up the good work, take care! 

    1. Thank you so much Jean, I appreciate your kind comment! Thank you also for passing along my post and I do hope it will help your wife. It takes time and hard work to increase our metabolism and keep it burning optimally but it can be done.

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